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Bunco Equipment


  1. Bell for the head table
  2. Bunco Baby (stuffed animal or doll)
  3. Call Sheet (Player's name, address, phone number and email address)
  4. Container to collect money from players
  5. Dice (3 for each table are needed. We store 21 dice in a plastic reclosable bag.)
  6. Fuzzy, large, dice
  7. Name tags
  8. Pens or Pencils (one for each player)
  9. Scoring Scratchpaper - two pads per table (inexpensive scratch pads can be bought at printing shops or office stores)
  10. Scoresheets (one for each player and an extra for next month's game)
  11. Tables and Chairs (four players per table)
  12. Optional: glasses and bowls for snacks
  13. Optional: icebucket
  14. Large container to hold all of the above



A folder or binder to hold master copies of the:

  • rules
  • call sheet
  • score sheet
  • prize award sheet
  • any other information that the group wishes to save or use again

could also be included in the large container with the Bunco Equipment.