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Before the Bunco Game


Gathering the Players

  1. The person hosting bunco calls potential players at least a week before. Having a bunco call list with addresses and phone numbers is a great help. Each member should be given a copy to keep. There should be a master copy that is updated frequently and kept with the bunco supplies.
  2. Once the hostess has the number of people who will be playing, she can plan her snacks and table set up.
  3. When the players arrive they will pay the money to play, fill out a name tag, and pick a table to sit at.
  4. Usually the hostess starts out at the head table. Players are free to sit at any table they want at the start of the game.
  5. Four players sit at each table. Players seated across from each other are partners for a round. One partner from each team keeps track of her score and her partners score.


Hosting a Game with Another Player

Hosting a Bunco game in your home involves several steps:

  • Phone and/or emailing each player
  • Planning and serving food and beverages
  • Preparing materials for the games
  • Setting up
  • Cleaning up

These are not difficult tasks, but can be time consuming. Sharing tasks with another player makes the workload easier and more enjoyable. More players may volunteer to host future games if duties are shared.

A player may wish to host the game but not in their home. Space may not be adequate, the location not convenient, or for whatever reason, a player just does not want to host in their own home. In our group we have a couple of players who generously volunteer their homes for bunco. Somebody else takes care of all the hosting details and uses another player's home.

A successful bunco group depends on the willingness of its players to help make it work.  

Setting Up The Tables

Determine how many tables you need by the number of people who will be playing. There are a maximum of four players per table.

For example:
If you have 12 players you would need three tables:

The head table as #1
Table #2
And Table # 3

4 players at each table would give you 12 players total.

Each table would have:

  • pens or pencils for each player
  • three dice
  • four scoresheets, one for each player
  • two scratch pads
  • two snacks in small bowls placed diagonally across on each table

The head table has all of the above plus:

  • a bell
  • the fuzzy bunco dice
  • small container to collect the money
  • nametags for each player