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Bunco Prizes

Prize amounts are determined by the number of players and by the money contributed by each player. The number of players is listed in the first column on the left hand side of the prize sheet. This is a helpful guide to use for determining prize money amount. The prize sheet also lists:
  1. most buncos
  2. most wins
  3. highest score
  4. most losses
  5. loser lottery
  6. bunco prize

At the end of the game the hostess gathers up the players tallied scoresheets. She and a helper pull aside the scoresheets for the most buncos, most wins, highest score, and most losses. From the loser pile, three scoresheets are randomly pulled for the loser lottery by the hostess. The prize lists indicates how many loser lottery's there will be. To determine the winner or winners for the loser lottery, the hostess rolls a die. The number rolled is the number the players will roll for. Each player takes a turn. If a player rolls the intended number she rolls again and until she no longer rolls the number. The next players take turns rolling for the intended number. The player who rolled the intended number the most wins the loser lottery. If there are 2 loser lotteries, the 2 remaining players roll off.

The player who has the fuzzy dice at the of the last round in the last set, receives the bunco prize. The bunco prize is a $10.00 gift picked out by the hostess, or $10.00 in cash. The prize can come out of the bunco contributions as soon as there is enough extra money to do so. In our group we have decided to replace the bunco gift with the $10.00. Hostesses like the convenience of the money and winners like to receive cash.

To have money available for supplies and prizes we ask each player to give $4.00 to play. We follow the $3.00 listing on the prize sheet when giving prizes. This leaves us with extra dollars to save in an envelope and store with the bunco supplies. We keep written track of each prize paid out and to whom, and keep receipts for any supplies bought with the money.

Rules, prize giving, and contributions, can be decided upon by the group and then written down for game consistency


Consider one prize to a player. If one player has both the highest score and the most buncos, award the player the prize with the higher amount and the second prize to the next player. This way more players will have a chance to win a prize.